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Famous Japanese Songs 1 for Voice and Guitar

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Flower (Taki), This road (Yamada), I'm waiting, but...(Yamada), The stove (Yamada), Sand hill (Yamada), White moon (Motoori), Old home (Saito), Rain in Jogashima (Harita), Plovers (Hirota), I was scolded (Hirota), By the old castle in Komoro (Hirota), Habu harbor (Nakayama), A fishing port (Nakayama), I lay down my halberds (Nakayama), A song of early spring (Nakata), Evening primroses (Oono), Leaving ships (Sugiyama), A coconut (Oonaka), First love (Koshigaya), Old home (Hirai), A cradle (Hirai), For a friend far away (Isobe), Memory of summer (Nakata), Snowy towns (Nakata), A night in the cottage (Takagi), A song of dawn (Izumi), Pine trees (Kobayashi).Famous Japanese songs with guitar accompaniment. The transcriber has selected songs which can be particularly successfully transcribed from the original piano accompaniment to the guitar.
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