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Japanese Hearty Songs for guitar solo

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Flowering Town, The elephant (Dan), Ball and Lord, Moon above the clouds, Soap bubbles, That town this town, Sunayama, My mother (Nakayama), The afterglow, Cradle song (Kusakawa), The frog's flute, The hill of orange blossoms, Village in autumn (Kainuma), Seven children of crow, Red shoes, A doll with blue eyes, Full moon (Motoori), Small wood fire (Watanabe), Desert under moonlight (Sasaki), Furusato (Okano), HINAMATSURI - Girls festival song (Kawamura), TANABATA - The festival of the Weaver Star (Simofusa), School of Killifish, Hide and seek (Y. Nakata), The doll of bride (Sugiyama), Under the flowers (Toyoda), Snail, Snow (Japanese Monbusyo Shoka), Sunset (Murozaki), Rain (Hirota), A song of early spring (A. Nakata), The canary (Narita).
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